Thursday, December 18, 2014

...written in dust on the back windshield

Sometimes we let that go, sometimes we forget for moments in between, the moments that feel somewhat real when real is so far away. We forget what love felt like, rubbing our feet before bed. What crazy love felt like as it held our hand in the courthouse, before "just married" was written in dust on the back windshield. We choose to run from the pain that real brought when all you knew was cold and lonely in a bathtub as the heart beat within you was clinging onto an idea of "i'm not just make believe"    Choices we've made in the past shadow what we truly held together all along. Each other, but we let choices and time take over and we hold on to the darker moments that scared the light away. Why? Why? Moments, our lives are a series of moments, good and bad and unexplainable moments. Go back to bed, go back to bed Amy…This is a moment