Tuesday, July 29, 2014


She's felt it, the moments in between that wail to her, only she can hear it. So loud in her mind, like voices of her own introspection, the primeval chaos.. chasing her into different directions. Letting her know of the unknown, the X, the uncharted and how it seeks her heart, recklessly, dauntlessly. Chasing a void away, leading her boldly. Come to me, chase me feverishly. Run in my direction and I will captivate you with my beauty. The places you know nothing of, the people you have not placed eyes upon, I can tell you this, all is artistry, the allurement of the discovery is enough to keep the starving alive. To unearth the minds wonders, to get a taste to the craving is a mere encounter to a freedom waiting to be explored. I will resonate within your being like fire takes to trees. I will hold your body tight and I will not on your life let you go girl, for I am the desolate,the concealed until you find me, until you stumble willingly upon me. Speak to me when you are amazed, and whisper "where are you" when you are adrift, I will find you in your "lost state"  I will engulf you, only if you are looking for me, only if you are brave enough to seek me I will submerge and envelop your senses, Only then…If you pass me by, if you pass your hope by, you will feel it like the beginning of fatality. To deprive your soul quenching energy is nonetheless, moral depravity. To stop the journey in the midst of a greater voyage…cataclysm.   Free your body into the moments of "anywhere from here"   distance wears its heart on it's well worn sleeve, and time spills into your aged eyes, only so you can see…you do not live forever, only your soul is infinite, come chase me…leave pieces of your self in the winds of yesterday, leave your heart to the ones who you tell your story to, and keep moving girl. Keep awakening. 

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