Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Coast Highway

You are avocados and cheese, you are gnarly head wine, you are in every visit I pay to the beach, Atlantic and Pacific. You are schwinn and trek bicycles. You are a 27 foot Catalina, in fact all sailboats embody a bit of you. You are hands that tell a story, and sushi nights. You are late night walks over bridges and fairy tales. You are americana and two shots of espresso, green tea no sugar or water added. You are love that gives his last cookies to his girl. You are hippie tree in the shade of purple. You are butterflies and sailboat rides. You are poetry and all the pebbles of Trestles. You are wildflowers and daisies. You are foot spray and harbor walks. You are "stop and smell the flowers." You are old toyota mini vans and skateboards. You are in every wave I see and all the paths that lead to them. You are the sand that sticks to my flesh and the salt I taste on my lips. You are back packs and organic fruits. You are beautiful tears and late night lullabies. You are red wine and french fries. You are strawberry milkshakes and MY missing symbiosis. You are warm brown plaid sheets and hatch open kind of nights. You are the hand i'm missing, and the smile I fiercely love. You cheeks....You know. You are elves and star dust. You are the buttermilks and the Happys. You are stoned in a hot tub, floating. You are the laugh after the fat lady calls me gross. You are a bagel and orange juice. You are in every chocolate cake from Carl's Jr. You are cute feet in the bathroom stall. You are Coast Highway and I will always be driving to you...Driving to you...

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