Sunday, February 8, 2015

lies of inner peace...

I know when i've been wrong, and I hate the mere fact of the heartless encounters i've had, when i wanted nothing to mean anything, and to mean something, but i knew it couldn't and i knew it never would. Would i be a fool to believe the reckless inside of me that drove me mad, so mad at times, when the light left my being and darkness was two shades lighter than my eyes. Darkness shadowed my morals and I made believe that my choices were ok for the time being, and I lied to myself while my inner being knew I was not that foolish. This is ok, this choice will not stay with you forever, lies, lies, all of the words and the thoughts were lies, not did they become lies, but they were rooted from a hate that the world brought to me and i took it as if it were handed to me in a bow that said, inner peace. Find peace inside this decision that will bring you into a light you have no idea of…Let the trees show you how to let the wind blow away the dead...Inner peace can not stay a mystery 


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