Thursday, January 14, 2016

And I am a seeker of love...

Let's not pretend that they are the same….seeing light and feeling The Light, we can wrap life up in a silver bow and tell ourselves that it's all alright. The essence of our own hearts when they lie to us so carefully. I can't get away from the feeling of constant yelling, silently in my heart that says come away with me. Tell me your secrets, because I already know them, it's you that needs to hear them. Say them. Fix them. Humble yourself effortlessly as you begin to understand your own self for the very first time. It will be nothing less than liberating. I promise you. See all this world has to offer you??? Haven't you experienced all of it already??? It never makes your heart at ease, never. Don't listen to the world as it's static leaks into your being when you look around and you're doing everything like everyone else. You know you don't belong among the rest of them…Not that you are better, but because I am the answer and you know it in your bones….listen to me…I am silent but I speak the loudest. I'm in the trees and all around you. I hug your body close and i whisper to you when you aren't listening. Feel Me? I know you do….you're my daughter and I am a seeker of love, all I ask is that you love me. 

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