Thursday, September 18, 2014

Love at first sight, on a cold winters night

I spent a few winter cold nights in Yosemite for a birthday of mine, some time ago. I went with a lover. He was kind to take me to a place he knew id love, and for that, I owe him many thanks, for introducing me to a love that would last a life time. The wilderness, California beauty, wrapped up with Sequoia trees and water falls, not to mention the face of half dome. It was a cold evening that would lead to a cold nights sleep. I went into our tent to put on more clothes to meet  my lover in front of a fire being shared by all the misfits of the village camping out in camp 4.  I remember the night and how it was about to take over the day. The light from the day was saying good bye and making way for some pretty amazing star shows. I opened the door to the tent, zipped it up behind me and made my way to the fire, and there he sat, in a maroon hoodie, khaki hiking pants and flip flops. Black hair and a beard to match his rugged nomadic look. And at first sight, I fell in love. Although I have never known him outside of those few days, I will carry his spirit with me, always. I believe there are people in this world that we instantly fall in love with, even if they never share our bed, they are in our hearts. How he spoke to me, and how he looked at me…how he looked at me, with beautiful dark, mysterious eyes, captivated me like a fairy tale, sharing the same heat from that hot fire…I wanted to know him, inside and out. I wanted to hear his story, and what made him who he was. His hands, I wanted so badly to touch, but couldn't. He slept in a hammock, tucked in his sleeping bag, under the tress and stars. What lucky stars to see such beauty as it sleeps.  I saw him differently as though he had words that would resonant within me, that I would carry and cherish. His views his morals, his adventures he spoke of…Wrapped themselves around me, and held on…His last name…Byrnes…and how his lasting impression burns within my being as the fire that we shared, the fire that reflected in his eyes, the fire that I felt inside…Love at first sight, in camp 4, on a cold winters night. 

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